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Super clingy mini
Sun May 13, 2018 06:38

Hi, I have a 4 month old mini goldendoodle. He is so clever but just having a few problems!
Some background - he was always the Ďquietí one of the litter, never really bouncing around or anything & I loved that he was laid back. Itís just me & him at home, but my parents help out sometimes.
From since I got him at 8 weeks he has to be with me all the time, for the first 3 weeks if I needed to shower or something within the house I put him in his crate but he barked the house down without fail, so then I tried just the kitchen & the same happened. I never went to him when he was barking always at a quiet moment so he never got rewarded for it. Now I have given in & he just comes upstairs & wherever I am. He will not let me out his sight even if he is super comfy on the sofa he has to come wherever I am. Is this just normal puppy behaviour, will he get more confident or should I be worried?
He is crated while I am at work during the week for 4 hours at a time, but he never stays dry in the crate. He was completely house trained other than this from day 3. He also stays dry all night from 10-9 sometimes, but he is in a different crate in my bedroom as he barked all night when he was downstairs so I gave in to get some sleep on that too after 5 weeks. I wondered if it was anxiety so tried a Thundershirt but it made no difference. Any tips on this? It isnít that he doesnít like the crate as this happens even if I shut him in the kitchen. He always eats in his downstairs crate.
Also due to the wet crate issue I have to bath him daily, Iím using Ancol puppy this what I should be using so regularly?


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