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Stanley’s mom
Terrible experience
Wed May 16, 2018 16:04

I had a terrible experience with this business. I caught her out with lies and she got defensive when I asked for clarification. She would not let me touch any of the puppies although I had, with her agreement travelled for hours to choose my puppy. I was not convinced the bitch I saw was the mother and the property stank of bleach like she was trying to hide something. Got Stanley from a family home. Love him to bits.

  • Re: Is this a reputable goldendoodle breeder uk?Anonymous, Wed May 17 06:39
    Their website seems very comprehensive and up-to-date. It includes pros and cons of owning a golden doodle as well as how they raise their puppies. I have heard of breeders using other people's... more
    • Terrible experience — Stanley’s mom, Wed May 16 16:04
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