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Horrible Odor
Wed Jun 13, 2018 05:46

Praying for your little love. I would definitely call the vet, as doodles are typically low to no odor dogs. However, a thought that comes to mind other than anal gland issues is a yeast infection. Doodles are prone to yeast. Have you been cleaning/checking your pupís ears? How about the paws? Yeast can grow between the paw pads and nail beds, particularly during this time of year. Good luck and let us know how your pup is doing. 🐾

  • Horrible odorSteve Aten, Tue Jun 12 14:04
    We have a 13 month old, male Goldendoolde that in the past few months has become to smell like dirty rags. This occurs even right after a bath or professional grooming...sometimes same day. I can put ... more
    • Kind of thinking anal glands too.Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Jun 13 07:32
      The smell is horrible...and distinct. My two have always had issues expressing their glands on their own. The smell is the tell-tale sign they are full and need to be tended to. Just a note - if that ... more
      • Dont think soSteve ateb, Wed Jun 13 07:36
        I Know the smell of anal glands but I'm pretty confident in is not. It's more of a wet, dirty rag smell and not a fishy smell.
        • Is the groomer not getting him completely dry?Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Jun 13 07:56
          Like when something doesn't dry completely in the dryer, but sits there? Could it be coming from his snout/beard? If so, maybe cutting that shorter would help. Interestingly enough, when Wilson's... more
    • Horrible Odor — Erin , Wed Jun 13 05:46
    • Could it be anal glands?Linny, Wed Jun 13 02:58
      Hi Steve Most groomers will check their anal glands, but yours may not. I agree with Joe - it may be worth a trip to the vet. They should be able to find the cause. Good luck! Linny
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