Dog Food
Wed Jun 27, 2018 23:35

As far as how much can dog food to feed just have it equal the amount of calories of what she was eating. You can figure this out by looking at the labels. In regards to Glucosamine and Chondroitin you can give a supplement if you are not happy with the amount in the can dog food.

  • Older Dog food issueBrandysMom, Wed Jun 27 22:23
    Hi All, Our sweet Brandy (Goldendoodle) will be 14 years old in Sept. She is about 75 lbs. She has been eating Orijen Senior kibble and for the past year we've had to add some canned food/baby... more
    • I think the advantage of the senior food isLori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Jun 28 07:44
      to provide high protein, but low fat. The lower fat is generally better for seniors because they aren't as active. It is 435 kcals per cup --- so she is getting approx 870 kcals per day. Canned food... more
      • Protein In Dry and Can Dog FoodJoe , Thu Jun 28 23:10
        When comparing can dog food to dry for the most part it will appear that dry food has more protein when you look at the labels. Do a web search titled, Why You Must Never Trust Stated Protein Content ... more
    • Dog Food — Joe, Wed Jun 27 23:35
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