Trudde Baumann
Doodle from Swenson
Mon Jul 9, 2018 11:59

I know this is an old post, but it maybe seen again! We have a Doodle from a Swenson & are planning to get a second. Our 1st is amazing. He is 2 1/2. He detects seizures in our medically fragile, complex child. He was our sons ďMake~a~WishĒ 2 1/2 yrs ago. Our sons 1st service dog brutally attacked a child... Auggie is simply amazing. Heís a big goofy teddy bear. Loved by all. I have looked into other dogs & other breads, and hands down Iíd choose Jack & Shari.

  • swensons goldendoodlesbarb laitinen, Fri May 17 18:15
    in sept of 2012 we bot a doodle from swensons. we went there 2 xs unannounced and didn't even get 2 c parents. our doodle has had whipworms , and they said he was wormed. ha also has , and still does ... more
    • Doodle from Swenson — Trudde Baumann, Mon Jul 9 11:59
    • SwensonsSteve, Wed May 14 12:24
      Any recent updates on this breeder or someone that has a dog from this breeder? Are they legit or producing puppies with problems? Thanks.
      • Pictures (?)Trudde Baumann, Mon Jul 9 12:03
        I donít know how to send.
        • Not a single Problem Trudde Baumann, Mon Jul 9 12:10
          No problem with our puppy. Make-a-Wish with MM works with them. I donít think they would if there were problems. The lady who had the puppy with worms.... thatís a common thing. All puppies have... more
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