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Trudde Baumann
Not a single Problem
Mon Jul 9, 2018 12:10

No problem with our puppy. Make-a-Wish with MM works with them. I donít think they would if there were problems. The lady who had the puppy with worms.... thatís a common thing. All puppies have WORMS!!! Sometimes it takes multiple treatments to get rid of.... Hip concerns.... if they had a dog that was on the larger side, itís possible. Goldenís & Standard Poodles can be prone to hip problems. You can have them checked, but itís never a100% gaureeted. If you donít want the hip issues, get a Yorkie! But then you will have a different ďbag of treatsĒ to deal with! Like humans, no dog is perfect.... you have to train a skill and task...

  • Pictures (?)Trudde Baumann, Mon Jul 9 12:03
    I donít know how to send.
    • Not a single Problem — Trudde Baumann, Mon Jul 9 12:10
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