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Thu Jul 12, 2018 22:49

I would bring him to a vet dermatologist, if this is not possible have him tested for allergies

  • Itching and licking Jessi K, Thu Jul 12 22:06
    Hello, so my precious goldendoodle is 4 months old. He has been licking and itching constantly and I don't know what the problem is. I've taken him to the vet multiple times spent $1,000 on him and... more
    • check out this archived post:
      • and one more thingJan, Mon Jul 16 02:35
        When you bathe a dog, when you think you've finished rising the soap out of their coat, rinse one more time for good measure. Soap left in the coat can cause itchiness too.
    • Poor boy! I instantly thought it could be fleasLori & The Two Hound Train, Sat Jul 14 08:08
      given his age, but the vet would have found that right away. Is he licking and scratching all over or is it isolated? Is his skin red, dry, inflamed, scaly? Does he chew paws? Scratch at ears?... more
    • Itching — Joe, Thu Jul 12 22:49
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