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New Mini Goldendoodle - Leaving Puppy Alone
Mon Jul 16, 2018 15:31

I have a new mini golden doodle puppy coming in this weekend and my GF and I both work during the day. We’re currently debating two approaches to the first couple of weeks with our little guy and I would love some advice on the pro’s/cons of each.

1 - I would prefer crate training in our apartment from the start, leaving him alone during the day from 9-6 with a Pet Care Service and friends coming 2/3 times daily to play/feed/take him out.

2 - My GF on the other hand would like to leave him with her parents for the first couple of weeks while we work where he has their full attention. Once he is a bit older and bigger we would then take him on full time.

My concern for the first option is he is a small puppy, is it ok to leave him alone for 3 hours at a time in a crate with periodic visits? We plan to work into a version of this schedule that case should we start him right away?

For the second option my concern is he will develop a familiarity with her parents and have separation anxiety. When we bring him back to our apartment he will have to learn a new schedule, people, and environment. Is that tough to work through?

Would love any thoughts/advice


    • We got a new minigolden at 4 months old (now 6 months). It is a very demanding time, requiring constant supervision. Can't take your eyes off him if out of the crate for a minute, everything goes in... more
    • Congratulations on your new puppy!Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Jul 18 07:26
      I understand the dilemma. I wonder if a hybrid approach might work. Having him at home with pet care coming in 3 days a week and leaving him with family two days a week? Is that an option? If not, I... more
      • New puppyBarb, Tue Oct 23 22:31
        I feel for you. I have a 3 1/2 mo old. He seems to go out every two hours. Got desperate and put two piddle pads near door. He is very active. I bet I have lost a few pounds walking him. I do not... more
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