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Roxy over the rainbow bridge today
Sun Jul 29, 2018 21:17

We put down our beloved Roxy today at 14.5 years old. She abruptly stopping eating her kibble... had her tested and had liver issues an jaudice.... Hardest thing I have ever down in my long life. I lost part of myself when we put her down... She was active and healthy just 2 weeks before she left us. I enjoyed ever minute will her, a joy to be around and put a smile on everyone.
Hug your dood today, they are special creatures and one of lifes pleasures.

  • Life expectancy of a goldendoodle Donna, Tue Mar 6 00:15
    I have an 12 year old goldendoodle. Heís fairly healthy some lumps and bumps. Overall in great shape. The vet told me today heís past his life expectancy. Whatís the age your GD have lived to? This... more
    • Roxy over the rainbow bridge today — paul, Sun Jul 29 21:17
      • sorry for your lossJan, Tue Jul 31 00:42
        it's never easy to say goodbye. Know that you did the kindest thing you could do for your beloved Roxy, to let her go, and not suffer. Went through this a month ago with Lily. She too was 14.5 years... more
      • So sorry Paul :(Linny, Buffy & Riley, Tue Jul 31 00:34
        Hi Paul My heart is breaking for you. It seems so unfair that these wonderful and loving creatures can be taken from us so soon. Sending all our love and the biggest hugs. Linny, Buffy & Riley
      • So sorry for your lossalex, Mon Jul 30 22:46
        It's been over two years since I lost my Brewster...and every day he comes to mind...Roxy will stay in your heart..forever and then some
    • Life expect Donnaconig , Wed Apr 4 09:26
      I never heard of IMHA so sad. Now Iím researching shots.. Iím sorry about your dog. Wish they lived forever.
    • life expectancyShelly Black, Sun Apr 1 23:08
      We just lost our goldendoodle at 13 and 8 months. She was extremely healthy, everyone thought she was still a puppy. Unfortunately, she came down with IMHA from her vaccination and lost the battle... more
    • My goldendoodleCarose, Wed Mar 7 03:15
      Hugo lived for 11 years and 9 months. He died from osteosarcoma, bone cancer. I am so glad that yours is still well at 12. Iíve met and heard of Goldendoodles lasting till 14.
      • Life expectancy Donna, Wed Mar 14 09:34
        Wow 16 !! Thatís certainly encouraging. Others please respond to this. Very courious ?
      • ageDebbie, Thu Mar 8 07:51
        My oldest Lucy,just turned 16 in Jan. My other one passed at 13.
      • Life expectancy Donna, Wed Mar 7 08:00
        Thank you for your response. Sorry you lost Hugo. Never easy to lose a family member.
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