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Low Shed
Sat Sep 1, 2018 02:06

My guy is a F1 or first generation so 50/50 of each breed poodle and golden. I was hoping for no shed but he still sheds but definitely not as much as a golden retriever. I don't have a golden but I have seen the amount of shedding from goldens. The good part about it is I find most of his fur just balls up and I can easily spot it in the corners of the house.

  • Hi there! I recently lost my beloved 13-year old Golden Retriever and am starting to think of getting another dog. I love the temperament, loyalty and sweetness of Goldens - but am not that excited... more
    • Low Shed — Franke, Sat Sep 1 02:06
    • YesRamona, Mon Aug 27 10:00
      We’ve had two- one barely sheds at all and another shed somewhat, but he was much easier to groom. It depends on the dog. Good luck.
    • F1 SheddingDebbie, Mon Aug 27 01:22
      Most of our F1 GoldenDoodles are low to non-shed. Some do shed a little, but nothing like a golden !!!
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