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there are better breeders
Sun Sep 2, 2018 04:19

A one year health guarantee is not adequate. Expect 2 year at minimum. As Joe said, the breeder gets a kick-back for requiring NuVet vitamins. If the puppy is being fed quality food, you shouldn't need to supplement with vitamins, let alone pay the breeder for the privilege.

I would suggest reading: Choosing a breeder at:

  • Sterling Brook DoodlesEden Reiner, Sat Sep 1 08:54
    Hi! Does anyone have any experience with Sterling Brook Doodles in Connecticut? Considering a puppy from them and having trouble finding reviews.
    • QuestionJoe, Thu Sep 6 13:45
      If I ask a question and people took the time to post an answer I would at least respond with a thank you.
      • Thank you!Eden Reiner, Thu Sep 6 13:49
        Sorry, did not mean to be rude, just haven't gotten back to the site. I very much appreciate all of your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
    • Requirement Of BreederJoe, Sun Sep 2 11:44
      Another thing that bothers me is that a dog must be spay or neuter by seven months. Please do a web search titled, Golden Retriever Early Spay and Neutering Study, to see how this can increase the... more
    • there are better breeders — Jan, Sun Sep 2 04:19
    • BreederJoe, Sun Sep 2 00:36
      On their web page they state that their pups are given Nu Vet Plus Vitamins and the buyer should continue giving them If a dog is given a good dog food supplements are not needed and may even be... more
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