My new pup. Sept 29/18
Sat Sep 29, 2018 16:15

Just left the Cedar Echo with my pup. What a gentleman Ainsley is. Provided me with a certificate from the vet with shots and deworming from the vet. I had talked to my vet prior to visiting the breeder as I was concerned about “Anonymous “ post re worms in a pup. My vet is well know in Toronto and very experienced. She told me not to worry about either way. Very simple to get rid of worms and very inexpensive. Under $20.00 to moss anonymous might be full of what the worms show up in. They can becontracted from water, poop even people can get them.
Anyway just wanted to shed some light for orhers looking. Thos is a fine establishment that shows care. Ainsley showed my family around and met the parents. Will be visiting my vet soon for boosters and a check up as recommended by my vet and Ainsley. Feel free to reach out anytime. Not my first dog! ❤️

  • Re: Cedar Echo Family KennelAnonymous, Mon Mar 14 16:31
    i personally got a puppy from cefk, and he was FULL of worms. the only thing ainsley could offer me was another wormy puppy. no thanks! thousands of dollars later he is now a healthy 3 year old. wish ... more
    • My new pup. Sept 29/18 — Mitch, Sat Sep 29 16:15
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