Golden Doodles Collars
Mon Dec 3, 2018 10:54

Greetings, I have purchased some collars for my golden from https://romandogcollars.com they are a great high end collar, i was wondering if someone can tell me what nylon collar they use and post a link. I want to take my golden hiking.

    • CollarsMicah, Wed Dec 5 08:50
      I kept mine in a harness till he outgrew it . At first he fought the leash and did get the collar off. Got the harness, it helped him get use to to leash. Both my dogs relate collar and leash to Bye... more
    • I just use nylon collarsJan, Tue Dec 4 04:03
      the kind you can get at any pet supply. What I do really like are the super durable name tags from https://www.boomerangtags.com/page.php?c=collartags The only time I've had to replace a tag in 15... more
      • CollarsJoe, Tue Dec 4 23:12
        I like the collars either chain or nylon that tighten when a dog pulls. They lessen the chance of a dog backing out of the collar.
        • do you mean Martingale collars?Jan, Wed Dec 5 12:00
          like these: https://northwindcatalog.com/product-page-new/martingale-collar-master/ They're good, but if you want a collar left on the dog for ID purposes, those really aren't recommended.
          • Collars and Name TagsJoe, Wed Dec 5 14:15
            Yes those and the chain ones with loops at each end. I have have used both with name tags
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