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You are doing your research - that is great!
Fri Dec 21, 2018 07:28

I can't help in locating a specific vet, but I can share my thinking on finding one. When I was selecting a vet, I visited three different practices to get a feel for their clinic. Ultimately I chose one that had the most generous hours --- they are open 7 days a week. They also offer surgery, rehab, etc. From there I identified a couple of vets in the practice I was comfortable with.

The most important aspects in choosing a vet for me were finding one that will listen to me, respect my opinion, and allow me to help manage my pups' care. I tend to be conservative in my approach and am big into nutrition so needed a vet on my side - or at the very least, one that respects my choices.

Visit a couple of offices, speak to the staff, get a feel for the clinic, etc. Decide what is important to you in a vet/clinic and base your decision on those things.

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    I'm writing to find out what veterinary clinics in Morgantown, WV or surrounding area are best for taking care of mini goldendoodles? I'm looking to pick from a litter of F1bb's in January. Will pick ... more
    • You are doing your research - that is great! — Lori & The Two Hound Train, Fri Dec 21 07:28
      • VetBarb, Sat Dec 22 00:18
        Have a good vet that took Labadoodle to two days after buying from breeder. But next year will do what I did with my two Bostonís. Our Humane Society has monthly shot and well checkup. They also will ... more
    • VetJoe, Thu Dec 20 22:57
      You should bring your pup to the vet within a day or two after picking him up for a check up
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