house breaking
Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:30

I know it is hard but my black Doodle, "Sammy' will be 20 weeks old 1-16-19. he hasn't had an accident in the house since before Thanksgiving..(and only 3 accidents)..I did keep him in his cage for the first few days until I learned his habits. Only I took him out every time I saw him drink or sitting at the door of his cage. His first night he whined one time during the night....I took him out and then since then he has waited all night 9pm-5am. When he wants out he will grab my arm or my pants leg.......sometimes my shoes won't cool off before he wants to go back out. I just got a 13 week female yesterday.......they are in their cage....The trick is to take them out very often......sometimes every 10-15 minutes.....that is the secret.......

  • Micah the DoodleBarb, Sun Oct 28 22:02
    Micah 4months old Nov. 2. I know hes smart. He sits, lays, shakes hands. But housebreaking not going the best. He holds it in the crate from 11:30 till 7;00 am. I take him out every hour and a half... more
    • house breaking — fantea, Sun Jan 13 10:30
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