Joseph Harlow
What is doodle's F number
Mon Jan 14, 2019 13:34

Hello! I'm trying to determine what F number my labradoodle is but not having any luck. Here's how it breaks down for Libby: her father -- black lab crossed with F1 golden doodle. Her mother -- standard poodle. I don't know what to call her :-) If her father was a cross between poodle and F1 golden, he would be an F1b and then she would be an F2b (I think) but the black lab crossing with the F1 confuses things. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    • Thanks!Joseph Harlow, Tue Jan 15 10:16
      Thanks, Kendra, for getting back to me so quickly and unraveling that mystery! In the big picture it's probably not that important but it is to me :-)
    • GenerationsKendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodle, Tue Jan 15 09:09
      Your girl is the result of an F1b x Poodle so she is an F1bb F1 x Lab = F1b F1b x Poodle = F1bb
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