Kathy,Little Bit (RIP) Emmie (RIP)
Sun Jul 7, 2019 14:31

So sorry to read about your loss, Jan. Lilly was such a sweet Doodle Girl. Such a difficult time for you and Nessy.
Em had a lot of troubles after we lost Bit. She searched for Bit for weeks -inside and out. Em, too, only new life with her best friend Bit.
Sending hugs and best wishes to you and Nessy,

  • Feeding Grain Free? Read this...Jan, Thu Jun 27 19:15
    Phyllis has posted a new article about the FDA's continuing tracking of canine deaths correlating to Grain Free dog food -... more
    • Re: Feeding Grain Free? Read this...Anonymous, Mon Jul 15 05:24
      It's certainly very concerning. It seems to be an issue with the pea and/or lentil components, as 93% of the dogs affected were fed foods with these as one of the main ingredients. It has been... more
    • grain freeAnn, Wed Jul 10 20:22
      Every single day my heart breaks because I had to put my beloved labradoodle Calle to sleep last September. I had given her Merrick wet food, Annamaet, Taste of the Wild dry kibble, and other grain... more
      • I'm so sorry Ann :( (nm)Linny & Riley, Fri Jul 12 04:46
      • I feel your painJan, Thu Jul 11 00:17
        but we both have to remember that sometimes our best efforts don't end in best results. Love to you and your memory of Calle, Jan and her memory of Lily
    • Lilly — Kathy,Little Bit (RIP) Emmie (RIP), Sun Jul 7 14:31
    • LilyLinny, Tue Jul 2 00:50
      Hi Jan Thank you for the warning. So sorry to hear this may have been what happened to Lily :( Love Linny
    • FoodsJoe, Sun Jun 30 00:18
      The problem I have with the list of foods is it is too broad, for example it mentions Blue Buffalo which has many different formulas, but the list does not state which ones were feed to the dogs that ... more
    • DietJoe, Fri Jun 28 23:02
      14.5 years is a long life for a dog you can't blame yourself or diet for her death. As dogs age like humans there can be heart issues
      • thanks Joe (nm)Jan, Sat Jun 29 03:52
        • LossJoe, Sat Jun 29 08:27
          I should have added sorry for your loss and you were both fortunate to have each other
          • Thank yolu againJan, Mon Jul 1 00:02
            Yes, it has been a tough year. We're adapting. Nessy is now getting used to being an "only dog", but I do see changes in her. She's the younger of the two, and had never lived without another dog in... more
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