what our Vet said
Thu Jul 11, 2019 00:26

when I broached the subject with her - what we do not know is whether or not the pea / lentil / potato component of "grain free" foods is blocking the uptake of taurine.

The lab tests of the food may show enough taurine in the diet, but if one or more of the components blocks the dog's ability to use the taurine, then there is a problem.

They just don't know.

So, it is probably best to avoid diets high in peas / lentils / potato until or unless they are proven to be safe.

  • The hot topic of DCM has sent me searchingLori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Jul 2 07:53
    for more information. But unfortunately there are still lots of questions and no clear cut solutions/answers. And going "grain free" as a broad statement might not be the solution. As someone smarter ... more
    • what our Vet said — Jan, Thu Jul 11 00:26
    • grain freeJan Hudson, Wed Jul 3 07:00
      my GSD, who was allergic to grains and therefore was fed grain free for years, died last year from DCM. My new F1B puppy (who will eat anything and seems to have no allergies) is fed a grain free... more
      • Adding GrainsJoe, Thu Jul 4 00:26
        It appears that what may be causing DCM is not the lack of grains but substituting grains with peas,potatoes, and legumes. I do not thinking adding grains to a grain free dog food is going to help.
      • I am so very sorry for the loss of your GSD.Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Jul 3 07:15
        Of course you can't know if it was because of the grain-free diet, but I understand wanting to do things differently "just in case." Neither of my dogs are fed kibble nor do they have DCM, but I... more
    • Re: The hot topic of DCM has sent me searchingAnonymous, Tue Jul 2 20:45
      It's certainly very concerning. It seems to be an issue with the pea and/or lentil components, as 93% of the dogs affected were fed foods with these as one of the main ingredients. It has been... more
      • Raw DietJoe, Wed Jul 3 02:06
        If you are thinking about feeding a raw diet do a web search search titled, Raw Diets: A Healthy Choice or a Raw Deal? Also research the precautions that should be taken when feeding a raw diet. To... more
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