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steve romeo
Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:18

I know mike mentioned this criminal pathologist in new York at the time of the lindbergh baby discovery. he should have been called in it would have been a better autopsy. for further reading on gettler the book the poisoners handbook by debra blum is very good and the dvd with the same title is good. it gives a lot of info on gettler.

    • Alexander Gettler, Annina Carter, and OthersSue for Steve, Sun Oct 16 14:11
      Yes, Steve. The chemistry crowd seems to have had a lot to say about the Lindbergh kidnapping. I wonder why they didn't sent the Lindbergh baby corpse to Dr. Alexander Gettler? Gettler was the best... more
      • Re: Alexander Gettler, Annina Carter, and Otherssteve for sue, Tue Oct 18 10:01
        the question is could he have been called in. maybe being out of the area there was legal problems. I really don't know what the laws were at that time. he was light years ahead of a lot of coroners. ... more
        • Re: Alexander Gettler, Annina Carter, and Otherssteve for sue, Thu Oct 20 11:26
          hi sue the poisoners handbook documentary is being shown on pbs stations highly recommended. based on debra blums book
          • Gettler & NorrisSue for Steve, Thu Oct 20 19:59
            Dr. Alexander Gettler and Dr. Charles Norris. The subtitle of Deborah Blum's book, The Poisoner's Handbook, should have included the names of these two men. After all, they are the focus of the book! ... more
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