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Anonymous Notes of Ransom
Mon Oct 17, 2016 20:57

"Anonymous Notes of Ransom:
The Lindbergh Case"

Pages 36-41.

by Bob Lemke

Calcoin News
Quarterly Magazine
Volume 44
Spring 1990

This is a reprint of an article written by Robert Lemke of the numismatic community. It first appeared in Coins Magazine in 1975.

Lemke won a first place prize for his article. From what I can gather, it was at the Golden State Coin Show. I'm not sure of the year.

The is an interesting perspective about the Lindbergh ransom money from someone who is an expert in coins and paper currency.

    • Sue, Anonymous notes of ransomTanialee , Thu Oct 20 01:47
      This was not only fascinating to read but informative. Great job on all your hard work Sue.
      • Re: Sue, Anonymous notes of ransomSue for Tanialee, Thu Oct 20 19:38
        Thank you, Tanialee. Robert Lemke won a literary award for this article. I wonder where he is today.
    • Re: Anonymous Notes of Ransomsteve for sue, Tue Oct 18 09:57
      great find sue. it would be nice if some authors put your name in a book since you've been finding and feeding people new info for a lot of years. you never got credit for things ive seen in books
      • For Steve RomeoSue for Steve, Thu Oct 20 19:40
        It's always been nice having you in my fan club, Steve.
        • Re: For Steve Romeosteve for sue, Sat Oct 22 10:38
          didn't know you had one
          • Whodunit?!Sue for Steve, Sat Oct 22 15:27
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