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Sue re: Elizabeth Garver Jordan
Sun Feb 19, 2017 14:07

How interesting to see that Lindy was out in the theatre gallery while Anne was inside enjoying the show, so typical Charles I'd say, lol.
Ms. Jordan's telling of this story leaves me to believe one of two possible theories.
1.) Either Charles had everything locked securely in place (his mind, his methods, etc.) as to the upcoming kidnapping (Anne never knew anything cause Charles hid it from her...he was good at hiding things like Charlie Jr. for instance) so Lindy wasn't showing any signs of nervousness because he had it planned to the hilt. If the scenario is true. I just read last night that Charles left nothing to chance as he was a very calculating person. I believe his own daughter Reeve said that of him. She said he took chances yes but they were calculated risks as he always had to know that he was in control, always!
2.) Neither he nor Anne were aware of any kidnapping plot scares in the week of the theater viewing and therefore weren't on edge because they weren't expecting anything.

It makes me wonder about the whole case in the aspect that the kidnap writer (s)said that the plot had been prepared a year in advance and I believe what they said is true. so, one might want to see how Ann and Charles acted all the way up to the year prior to the kidnapping. All I can see is that they were up in the air a lot, away from precious Jr. Some of the servants or others who knew the Lindberghs said they didn't like the way they ignored Charlie Jr. as if they were very bad, neglectful parents and that somebody should maybe do something about it (inferred only)In a sense, I think they were neglectful because a child that young needs it's mother at least more than they need a servant's care. although maybe a servant was a better choice if the servant were very kind. Betty Gow seemed like she was that sort of gal to me.

  • Elizabeth Garver JordanSue, Sat Feb 18 14:53
    These first hand accounts from journalists who actually saw the Lindberghs help flesh out the story of the Lindbergh kidnapping. Journalist Elizabeth Garver Jordan, for instance. In her 1938 memoir,... more
    • Sue re: Elizabeth Garver Jordan — Tanialee, Sun Feb 19 14:07
      • Three Rousing CheersSue for Tanialee, Sun Feb 19 15:37
        I suppose that was what happened when they went out to a show. She went her way and he went his. Maybe he sat in the gallery and read about planes. At least he was a man enough to accompany her. He... more
        • Sue for Tanialee re: Three Rousig CheersTanialee, Sun Feb 19 16:19
          Yeah, you are right. It was kindly of Lindy to at least accompany Ann even if he just was in the lobby reading or thinking about airplanes. :)
    • Elizabert JordanJack for Sue, Sat Feb 18 15:25
      Excellent find Sue! Those few days before the crime have been a mystery and anything that's known about them is golden information. Especially if they were planning some kind of crime, you wouldn't... more
      • Re: Elizabert JordanSue for Jack, Sat Feb 18 15:42
        I read a comment not too long ago where the person said that nobody knows what really happened to the Lindbergh baby, including those who wrote books about the kidnapping.
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