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Sue for Tanialee
Three Rousing Cheers
Sun Feb 19, 2017 15:37

I suppose that was what happened when they went out to a show. She went her way and he went his. Maybe he sat in the gallery and read about planes. At least he was a man enough to accompany her. He didn't have the temperament for that type of entertainment. All the literature reflects that he was primarily interested in machines and science. To each his own. Anne knew that from the beginning.

From Three Rousing Cheers:

Page 385:

"He [Lindbergh] always went to the gallery of a theater, joining Mrs. Lindbergh in their car after the performance."

  • Sue re: Elizabeth Garver JordanTanialee, Sun Feb 19 14:07
    How interesting to see that Lindy was out in the theatre gallery while Anne was inside enjoying the show, so typical Charles I'd say, lol. Ms. Jordan's telling of this story leaves me to believe one... more
    • Three Rousing Cheers — Sue for Tanialee, Sun Feb 19 15:37
      • Sue for Tanialee re: Three Rousig CheersTanialee, Sun Feb 19 16:19
        Yeah, you are right. It was kindly of Lindy to at least accompany Ann even if he just was in the lobby reading or thinking about airplanes. :)
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