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Re: Bite the Bullet Continued
Sat Feb 25, 2017 18:41

"Would it not be natural to believe, in their sin-haunted souls, that Colonel Lindbergh had betrayed them to the authorities? Would they not with all haste take their departure from such well-patrolled waters, secure from boarding or search because the unwitting government craft in reality were bound with all speed to the rescue of a collier in distress on Sow and Pigs reef?"

"If you ask me why the murdered infant should have been found buried so near his New Jersey home, I do not know; but it is a tenable theory that persons connected with a boat might be anxious to divert suspicion from their boat. After all, through customs registry and marine regulations and coast guard patrol, ownership or use of a boat is more easily traced than that of an automobile, although landsmen do not often think of this."

"I went to Cuttyhunk and the other Elizabeth Islands myself that tragic April week end of 1932, after we knew that the kidnapers had failed to keep rendezvous with Lindbergh. I know the name of the former Cuttyhunk seafaring man whom Dr. Condon had known at City Island in Pelham Bay, whom Lindbergh and Condon sought that week end on Cuttyhunk. I cannot tell the name because perhaps they only sought him on suspicion; perhaps they still seek him and someday there will be another arrest in the Lindbergh kidnaping case."

"But I shall always wonder whether the kidnapers genuinely intended to return the sunny-haired baby to his mother on payment of the ransom, and whether the collier's SOS that brought government patrol boats to that one spot of the ocean at that one particular day of the ransom payment was an ironic turn of Fate."

Pages 55-63 in Bite the Bullet: A Personal Record

By Dorothy G. Wayman

  • Bite the Bullet ContinuedSue, Sat Feb 25 16:53
    (Correction: Meant to type March 1, 1932 on first page!) "Everyone remembers the ransom notes delivered to Jafsie Condon and the ransom paid in the [Bronx] cemetery by Dr. Condon while Colonel... more
    • Re: Bite the Bullet Continued — Sue, Sat Feb 25 18:41
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