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Sue re:Bite the Bullett
Mon Feb 27, 2017 01:44

This was an excellent find Sue. She really showed the mean side of Lindy with the press but then a more gentle nature with Anne on thier honeymoon. And the story of the cement walled thugs hideout, rum runners, sounded just like a Hollywood script yet we know mobsters were just exactly like that. I enjoyed reading this piece. Incidentally, Hal Olson always claimed they were looking in the wrong spot for Glad Nellie since the boat he was on went up through Michigan into Danica.

  • Below is another account of a prominent journalist who met the Lindberghs and had first hand involvement with the case. Dorothy Godfrey Wayman sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Theodate Geoffrey.... more
    • Sue re:Bite the Bullett — Tanialee , Mon Feb 27 01:44
      • William C. AtwaterSue for Tanialee, Mon Feb 27 18:41
        Maybe Lindbergh should have followed the example of John Roosevelt by giving the press SOME information with the promise of not being harassed? Well, Tanialee, what of the William C. Atwater running... more
        • Sue for Tanialee /WilliamC.AtwaterTaniale, Tue Feb 28 01:38
          Certainly, Lindy should have given the press something to the press as a generous offer so he and Ann wouldn't be so beleaguered by media chase but he was who he was, stubborn. At least Prince... more
      • Re: Tanialee/SueTanialee , Mon Feb 27 01:47
        Boad Nellie
    • Bite the BulletSue, Sat Feb 25 16:05
      "His gentle mother broadcast over the air an appeal to his captors to feed him his accustomed formula. His father was conferring alternately with police and with acknowledged criminals who claimed to ... more
      • Bite the Bullet ContinuedSue, Sat Feb 25 16:53
        (Correction: Meant to type March 1, 1932 on first page!) "Everyone remembers the ransom notes delivered to Jafsie Condon and the ransom paid in the [Bronx] cemetery by Dr. Condon while Colonel... more
        • Re: Bite the Bullet ContinuedSue, Sat Feb 25 18:41
          "Would it not be natural to believe, in their sin-haunted souls, that Colonel Lindbergh had betrayed them to the authorities? Would they not with all haste take their departure from such... more
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