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Sue for Tanialee /WilliamC.Atwater
Tue Feb 28, 2017 01:38

Certainly, Lindy should have given the press something to the press as a generous offer so he and Ann wouldn't be so beleaguered by media chase but he was who he was, stubborn. At least Prince William and Kate know to do this and it seems to be a better situation for all.

"Could that mishap have interfered with the Lindbergh ransom payment as Ms. Wayman suggests?

Ships coming to the rescue of the William C. Atwater at such an inconvenient time?!

I read that and thought yes, that did seem odd and yes it did seem like a good possibility, the interference and the inconvenient time. anything is possible but I think I will always have hope in Hals' version because I believed in him...unless some real proof EVER comes through in this case. Outside of what you have come up with, we don't have much to cling to as answers.

I wonder if Miss Wayman had any writings on Al Capone and his thoughts about the kidnapping? Maybe it was in your articles but I was tired the night I read them; seems as though Ms. Wayman having been an industrious writer might have had something to add in that area?

  • William C. AtwaterSue for Tanialee, Mon Feb 27 18:41
    Maybe Lindbergh should have followed the example of John Roosevelt by giving the press SOME information with the promise of not being harassed? Well, Tanialee, what of the William C. Atwater running... more
    • Sue for Tanialee /WilliamC.Atwater — Taniale, Tue Feb 28 01:38
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