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Dwight Whitney Morrow (January 11, 1873 October 5, 1931)
Tue Feb 28, 2017 09:09

How did Dwight Morrow have any conversation with his son-in-law Charles Lindbergh about Hauptmann being innocent of the kidnapping and murder of his grandson? He died in Oct. of 1931---that was 5 months before Charlie went missing on March 2 1932.

  • Dwight Morrow/Lindy/HaupptmanTanialee , Tue Feb 28 02:00 Several Christians, aware that Hauptmann had been railroaded, now began a desperate struggle to save his life. At their own expense, and with no... more
    • Re: Dwight Morrow/Lindy/Haupptmansteve for tania, Tue Feb 28 09:43
      when I studied ellis parker I can see he had a lot of power and did some shady things. I question how good of a detective he was
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