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steve for rich
Re: Sue for Steve Romeo
Tue Feb 28, 2017 09:44

I think we are but im not going to drive around the bronx

  • Sue for Steve RomeoRichard, Tue Feb 28 09:33
    I haven't heard from the two of you about the reunion tour in May. Are you both coming?
    • Re: Sue for Steve Romeo — steve for rich, Tue Feb 28 09:44
      • Bx tourRichard, Wed Mar 1 09:09
        Steve -- you can ride in my car, with Sue and Nancy.You don't have to take your car and drive. But the others will want to be able to drive theirs and take at least one passenger when we meet in the... more
        • Re: Bx toursteve for rich, Thu Mar 2 14:04
          okay sounds good
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