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Sue for Joe
Betty Gow Replaced
Tue Feb 28, 2017 20:35

Hi, Joe.

Maybe the 1993 greetings from Scott Berg were cathartic for Betty Gow. However, when the kidnapping was still fresh in the 1930s, Gow remained employed by the Lindberghs.

I'm not sure what went on between Anne Lindbergh and Betty Gow after the kidnapping on March 1, 1932.

The Lindberghs entrusted the care of their second child to her, but I wonder what made Betty finally leave and go back to Scotland?

Betty quit as nurse to Jon, and the Lindberghs hired Shirley (Shurley?) Grant to take care of him.

Grant was the daughter of the caretakers at the North Haven, Maine estate.

The Ballston Spa Daily Journal, Ballston Spa, New York, Saturday, August 18, 1934, reported that Gow resigned from her job.


"Report Betty Gow Has Quit as Nurse to Baby of Lindy"

(See photo of young girl with glasses on in upper left corner.)

"Shirley Grant (above) has replaced Betty Gow as the nurse of two-year-old Jon Morrow Lindbergh, son of Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh. Miss Grant is the daughter of the caretaker of the Morrow estate at North Haven, Me., where the child is spending the summer."

See also page 194 from Anne Lindbergh's Locked Rooms and Open Doors:

"Betty is gone and Shirley Grant is helping me with Jon."

  • Re: Betty Gow Tells of PromiseJoe for Sue, Tue Feb 28 10:57
    Great find, Sue. Given whatever emotions existed between the Lindberghs and her after the kidnapping, it was clear that Scott Berg's 1993 greetings from Anne Lindbergh to Betty at that time in her... more
    • Betty Gow Replaced — Sue for Joe, Tue Feb 28 20:35
      • Re: Betty Gow ReplacedJoe for Sue, Sat Mar 4 19:54
        Sue, with Betty's continuing to work for the Lindberghs, I can't imagine the past ever being left peacefully in its place, given the magnitude of what took place. I believe this parting of the ways... more
        • Re: Betty Gow ReplacedSue for Joe, Sun Mar 5 22:10
          How could things ever be the same between Betty and the Lindberghs? Maybe Betty came to that conclusion. A Scottish writer named Douglas MacGowan contributed an article about Betty Gow in the early... more
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