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  • Re: promise?Sue for Kristy, Wed Mar 1 12:41 See page 2, second column, half way down.... more
    • Re: promise? — Sue for Kristy, Wed Mar 1 12:42
      • I wonder if he continued to pull pranks or did the pranks stop after March 1, 1932. I knew about Lindbergh hiding the baby before, but never knew that it was for such a long period of time. Kind of... more
        • A husband who was known for playing cruel pranks, the perpetual practical joker who NEVER committed another one after the death of his son.
        • DisguiseSue for Kristy, Thu Mar 2 22:09
          Lindbergh took a State Trooper's uniform that was hanging up near the garage at Highfields, and used it as a disguise.
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