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Charles stupid pranks could have finally backfire on him.
Wed Mar 1, 2017 18:16

I wonder if he continued to pull pranks or did the pranks stop after March 1, 1932. I knew about Lindbergh hiding the baby before, but never knew that it was for such a long period of time. Kind of makes me wonder if he did something like that again and things went terribly wrong. I remember reading Ann had heard a car on the gravel drive a while before Charles returned home the night of March 1st. If that was Charles he could have done something with Charlie and had an accident that he had to cover up. He could have taken the baby away in the car and dumped him where his body was found May 12th. Later he could have arrived home as if nothing was wrong and started a cover up to protect himself from the truth of what he'd done.

  • Re: promise?Sue for Kristy, Wed Mar 1 12:42
    • Charles stupid pranks could have finally backfire on him. — Kristy, Wed Mar 1 18:16
      • A husband who was known for playing cruel pranks, the perpetual practical joker who NEVER committed another one after the death of his son.
      • DisguiseSue for Kristy, Thu Mar 2 22:09
        Lindbergh took a State Trooper's uniform that was hanging up near the garage at Highfields, and used it as a disguise.
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