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Sue for Joe
A Critique of the Reporting of the BRH Trial
Thu Mar 2, 2017 20:21

Dear Joe,

Thanks for being from Canada, and communicating your thoughts clearly! It's not the quantity of the words; it's the quality of what gets conveyed!

Most people have been processed through the public school system, and their ideas, writing, and communication reflects a public school education. Their reference points come from having being heavily influenced by the whole public school experience.

If the majority of people spent roughly 12 years in school, shouldn't the majority of people have a great command of the English language? Shouldn't they have read all kind of books on history, fiction, biographies, great books of literature? We're talking about 12 years!

Anyway, Joe, so many people came before us! So many people came before us in the Lindbergh kidnapping case!

Whenever I have found something new about this case, I have shared it freely with people. Shouldn't all researchers share freely?

Added to the bibliography of the Lindbergh kidnapping case should be Bruce Moulton Miller's thesis in fulfillment of his master's degree in 1947.

The name of his paper is:

"A Critique of the Reporting of the Bruno Richard Hauptmann Trial."

For $25 Stanford University will send it; for $50 it will be scanned, and you can own a copy.

Do all researchers want to know EVERYTHING that has been written about the Lindbergh case?

I like lone navigators like you. Even Charles Lindbergh was a lone navigator. If he wasn't, he would have never made it across the Atlantic in 1927.

I do not like band wagon jumpers. It's probably true that Hauptmann had a "colorless personality" as one author described it. And Charles Lindbergh was a genius pilot, but he too might have been uninteresting if he wasn't talking about airplanes.

So just because Hauptmann may have been good looking to Ethel Stockton or maybe to some posters on this board, doesn't make him innocent. I hate this "I am woman hear me roar" BS by women who sympathize with Hauptmann.

We all stand alone. Charles Lindbergh's body is in the ground right now, rotting. Hauptmann's not innocent because someone feels sorry for him. Charles Lindbergh is like the majority of men who secretly wish they could have a harem of women. There is nothing new under the sun.

Just the fact that you are from Canada, makes you refreshing and different in my eyes.

  • 85 Years Ago This Evening..Joe, Wed Mar 1 12:38
    .. it all went down. Would anyone care to post a summary of their theory in 50,000 words or less? Actually 50 will do..
    • SummaryJack, Wed Mar 8 05:26
      Hey Joe: For my 50K it should be pointed out that there is something which is unknown regarding TLC and most overall theories are incorrect because of that fact. A very likely scenario is that... more
    • A Critique of the Reporting of the BRH Trial — Sue for Joe, Thu Mar 2 20:21
    • Re: 85 Years Ago This Evening..Joe, Thu Mar 2 13:08
      No one at Highfields complicit in any way, no staged kidnapping/hoax. Conspiracy originates amongst the card players in Duane Baker's basement. Possible connection and inside information via the... more
    • Re: 85 Years Ago This Evening..bob mills for joe and forum, Thu Mar 2 09:20
      Charles Henry Ellerson calls his friend Duane Baker on afternoon of 3/1/32, tells him Highfields will be occupied that night, but Lindy will be in New York at a dinner. Baker deems this an ideal... more
      • GangKanne, Tue May 23 11:36
        Like this a lot but how does the ladder tie into Hauptmans' attic and the original kidnappers?
      • Henry Ellerson's Car in QuestionSue for Bob, Sat Mar 4 12:39
        Hi Bob, Was the vehicle used to transport passengers to Highfields on February 27 and March 1 a Morrow-owned limousine or Henry's personal car? Dorothy Herrmann says Ellerson drove Miss Root, Anne,... more
    • On 85th AnniversarySue, Wed Mar 1 21:13
    • SummarySam for Joe, Wed Mar 1 18:14
      CAL was out. BRH came in. Charlie got his head slammed on the way down. Jafsie paid. BRH spent. BRH got caught. Electric chair. DISCUSS.
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