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Joe for Steve, Sue and All
Re: article I ran across this morning
Sat Mar 4, 2017 09:09

Hi Steve, because Hauptmann never admitted to one iota of involvement, it was the damning circumstantial evidence that buried him and makes him look so bad to this day. There could have been others at some point in the game, but when caught, Hauptmann pretty much squelched his opportunity to have the blame shared from the start all the way to the moment he was asked if he had any final words.

And for those who believe Hauptmann was just a small part of a scheme masterminded by Lindbergh to eliminate his own son..

How was Hauptmann able to pull down an extra $50,000 in greed money and carry on unfettered where he lived? Wouldn't a man as powerful as Charles Lindbergh, who ostensibly had already paid to have his son murdered, be more than desperately capable of rubbing out a guy like Hauptmann, over the two and a half years the latter carried on foot loose and fancy free while spending his hard earned money in plain sight in the Bronx?

And why would Lindbergh, an intensely private and phegmatic individual, essentially invite the entire world to his doorstep through hordes of investigators and the media, by asking Whateley to call the police, and then alerting the NJSP? If he had actually planned this kidnapping, would he not certainly have first gone through the motions privately in order to ensure the best opportunity for "success," without any outside interference, an action that would have been universally understandable to any parent?

It's a house of cards that is easily blown over.

  • Re: article I ran across this morningsteve for kristie, Thu Mar 2 14:02
    the perfect scapegoat had a lot of evidence against him
    • Re: article I ran across this morning — Joe for Steve, Sue and All, Sat Mar 4 09:09
      • Re: article I ran across this morningsteve for joe, Mon Mar 6 10:04
        they cant get around the evidence that convicted him.not even mikes book cant
      • Skippy Sue for Joe, Sat Mar 4 14:01
        Who got this idea to do a staged kidnapping? In Bob Andrews memoir called A Corner of Chicago, "Skippy" knew "Sookie" "staged his own disappearance to avoid having to act in a school play in which he ... more
        • Re: Skippy Joe for Sue, Sat Mar 4 18:57
          That's amazing Sue.. was Skippy psychic?! Over a six month period, when I immersed myself in probably every issue of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record over the period March 1, 1932 and well beyond the... more
          • Re: Skippy Sue for Joe, Sun Mar 5 09:18
            I hope that woman has been resting in peace all these years!
      • Re: article I ran across this morningkristy for joe, Sat Mar 4 11:51
        If March 1, 1932 was a Lindbergh prank gone wrong. The ladder broke and Charlie died, Charles couldn't go back up the broken ladder to make it look like he fell out of his crib. Since no one knew he... more
        • Re: article I ran across this morningJoe for Kristy, Sat Mar 4 18:39
          It's really too bad Ahlgren and Monier didn't do a basic reality check and a bit more research before they decided to publish their book. It's difficult to imagine Lindbergh, yanking his son feet... more
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