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kristy for joe
Re: article I ran across this morning
Sat Mar 4, 2017 11:51

If March 1, 1932 was a Lindbergh prank gone wrong. The ladder broke and Charlie died, Charles couldn't go back up the broken ladder to make it look like he fell out of his crib. Since no one knew he was there he drove away with the baby (this is when Anne heard tires on the driveway). As he was driving the idea came to him to say it was a kidnapping so he had to get rid of the baby, he stopped and placed the baby in the woods. He went back to the house (blew the horn to announce his arrival) went in and acted as if nothing had happened. The night progressed as it would have if he hadn't accidently killed his son. He just waited for everyone to realize Charlie was gone. When that time came he had the police called in, he had to play this as a kidnapping, he'd left the ransom note since this was suppose to be a joke, so that worked in his favor. If Charlies body had been found within the next couple of days that would have ended the search and everyone would have thought it was the work of the kidnappers. Like a snowball rolling down hill the cover up of what he'd done got bigger and all he could do is let it roll until it stopped. Accident or not he killed his son and left his body in the woods, then involved the police and the entire world was involved in some way or another in just a few days. He could never come forward and say it was all a lie and I used everyone to protect myself. He couldn't let everything he'd accomplished in his life be ruined because of his stupid prank, he couldn't go from being a hero to being a liar who conned the world.

  • Re: article I ran across this morningJoe for Steve, Sue and All, Sat Mar 4 09:09
    Hi Steve, because Hauptmann never admitted to one iota of involvement, it was the damning circumstantial evidence that buried him and makes him look so bad to this day. There could have been others... more
    • Skippy Sue for Joe, Sat Mar 4 14:01
      Who got this idea to do a staged kidnapping? In Bob Andrews memoir called A Corner of Chicago, "Skippy" knew "Sookie" "staged his own disappearance to avoid having to act in a school play in which he ... more
      • Re: Skippy Joe for Sue, Sat Mar 4 18:57
        That's amazing Sue.. was Skippy psychic?! Over a six month period, when I immersed myself in probably every issue of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record over the period March 1, 1932 and well beyond the... more
        • Re: Skippy Sue for Joe, Sun Mar 5 09:18
          I hope that woman has been resting in peace all these years!
    • Re: article I ran across this morning — kristy for joe, Sat Mar 4 11:51
      • Re: article I ran across this morningJoe for Kristy, Sat Mar 4 18:39
        It's really too bad Ahlgren and Monier didn't do a basic reality check and a bit more research before they decided to publish their book. It's difficult to imagine Lindbergh, yanking his son feet... more
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