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Sue for Bob
Henry Ellerson's Car in Question
Sat Mar 4, 2017 12:39

Hi Bob,

Was the vehicle used to transport passengers to Highfields on February 27 and March 1 a Morrow-owned limousine or Henry's personal car?

Dorothy Herrmann says Ellerson drove Miss Root, Anne, and Charles Jr. to Highfields on Saturday, February 27, 1932.

Noel Behn says Ellerson drove Betty Gow to Highfields on Tuesday, March 1, 1932.

Was the car that flew off the Palisades the same one that took passengers Anne Morrow, Charles Junior, Miss Root, and Betty Gow on their trips to Highfields?

  • Re: 85 Years Ago This Evening..bob mills for joe and forum, Thu Mar 2 09:20
    Charles Henry Ellerson calls his friend Duane Baker on afternoon of 3/1/32, tells him Highfields will be occupied that night, but Lindy will be in New York at a dinner. Baker deems this an ideal... more
    • GangKanne, Tue May 23 11:36
      Like this a lot but how does the ladder tie into Hauptmans' attic and the original kidnappers?
    • Henry Ellerson's Car in Question — Sue for Bob, Sat Mar 4 12:39
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