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A Corner of Chicago
Sat Mar 4, 2017 14:31

Robert Hardy Andrews was a reporter for the Chicago Daily News.

These reporters who were alive during the time of the Lindbergh kidnapping are the real people to listen to.

Many of them wrote memoirs. They were either there or knew someone who was there in Hopewell, Flemington, or other places associated with the crime. They understood the language of reporters and photographers of their day.

Charley Ford was a photographer with the Chicago Daily News who, according to Robert Hardy Andrews, "Using telephoto lenses,..snapped exclusive pictures of the healthy, laughing Lindbergh baby."

(Page 317 from A Corner of Chicago by Robert Hardy Andrews.)

Andrews says that Ford climbed a tree near a guarded fence of the Lindbergh estate to take the photos.

Andrews is not clear in his book as to when the pictures were taken. Whether the pictures were taken before or after March 1, 1932, it shows that even the press was spying on the Lindberghs.

And where are these "exclusive pictures"?

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