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Joe for Kristy
Re: article I ran across this morning
Sat Mar 4, 2017 18:39

It's really too bad Ahlgren and Monier didn't do a basic reality check and a bit more research before they decided to publish their book. It's difficult to imagine Lindbergh, yanking his son feet first from the bottom of his crib and out of the nursery at 8:10 pm via a ladder whose Rail 16 was conclusively traced back to the house rented by Richard Hauptmann, hastily pen the nursery ransom note in the handwriting style of the same man who was eventually apprehended with over $14K in Lindbergh ransom money, and so effectively use his handwriting, Germanic expression, common punctuation, misspelt words, diction and syntax. Then Lindbergh, realizing he had killed his son, having had the composure to drive his body to a location over two miles away where he dumped him, before returning home as if nothing had happened at 8:25 pm. Doing all this in 15 minutes would have made his New York to Paris flight seem like child's play.

  • Re: article I ran across this morningkristy for joe, Sat Mar 4 11:51
    If March 1, 1932 was a Lindbergh prank gone wrong. The ladder broke and Charlie died, Charles couldn't go back up the broken ladder to make it look like he fell out of his crib. Since no one knew he... more
    • Re: article I ran across this morning — Joe for Kristy, Sat Mar 4 18:39
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