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Joe for Sue
Re: Skippy
Sat Mar 4, 2017 18:57

That's amazing Sue.. was Skippy psychic?!

Over a six month period, when I immersed myself in probably every issue of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record over the period March 1, 1932 and well beyond the date of Hauptmann's execution, one poignant entry stands out in particular. A woman walking along the tracks just north of Queen St., was struck and killed by a locomotive in the early evening hours just about the time Anne and Betty were readying Charlie for bed, for the last time. I often drive over the same tracks and look north to the bend where, over 85 years ago, she either didn't notice the oncoming locomotive or simply chose not to move off the tracks.

  • Skippy Sue for Joe, Sat Mar 4 14:01
    Who got this idea to do a staged kidnapping? In Bob Andrews memoir called A Corner of Chicago, "Skippy" knew "Sookie" "staged his own disappearance to avoid having to act in a school play in which he ... more
    • Re: Skippy — Joe for Sue, Sat Mar 4 18:57
      • Re: Skippy Sue for Joe, Sun Mar 5 09:18
        I hope that woman has been resting in peace all these years!
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