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Joe for Sue
Re: Betty Gow Replaced
Sat Mar 4, 2017 19:54

Sue, with Betty's continuing to work for the Lindberghs, I can't imagine the past ever being left peacefully in its place, given the magnitude of what took place. I believe this parting of the ways would have been more about Betty having to remove herself from her position, as opposed to the Lindberghs requesting that she leave.

  • Betty Gow ReplacedSue for Joe, Tue Feb 28 20:35
    Hi, Joe. Maybe the 1993 greetings from Scott Berg were cathartic for Betty Gow. However, when the kidnapping was still fresh in the 1930s, Gow remained employed by the Lindberghs. I'm not sure what... more
    • Re: Betty Gow Replaced — Joe for Sue, Sat Mar 4 19:54
      • Re: Betty Gow ReplacedSue for Joe, Sun Mar 5 22:10
        How could things ever be the same between Betty and the Lindberghs? Maybe Betty came to that conclusion. A Scottish writer named Douglas MacGowan contributed an article about Betty Gow in the early... more
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