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Joe for Steve
Re: Robert Bryan
Tue Mar 7, 2017 11:09

Steve, from all accounts I've seen, it appears that Fawcett was considering an insanity plea for Hauptmann. Huddleson's examination of Hauptmann with a battery of psychiatrists, then called alienists, seems to suggest that. I wonder if that had anything to do with the Dedman-Dekle opinion.

  • Re: Robert Bryansteve romeo, Tue Mar 7 10:34
    id like to know how Fawcett bungled his defense in the Bronx I guess I have to buy dedmans book
    • Re: Robert Bryan — Joe for Steve, Tue Mar 7 11:09
      • Re: Robert Bryansteve for joe, Thu Mar 9 10:28
        I think after the spoon incident in the jail I think Fawcett was considering it. plus all the evidence against him
        • Re: Robert BryanJoe for Steve, Fri Mar 10 12:26
          And given the weight of the evidence, how Hauptmann managed to keep silent and frustrate investigators is beyond me. At the same time, I think Schoenfeld and Condon were right when they stated the... more
      • Insanity DefenseAnonymous, Tue Mar 7 19:25
        The insanity defense is a "I did it, but..." defense which concedes guilt but attempts to deflect it by showing that the defendant did not have the requisite mental state to be guilty. The insanity... more
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