Boards Are More Than Enough
Sun Mar 12, 2017 09:52

People have been at this for a long time.

Someone looking to publish a book about the LKC can easily MINE the Internet to get ideas and information to develop on their own.

An answer to a LKC question may very well have been answered from 2002 by way of the WayBackMachine.

Maybe people knew more about the LKC in 2006 than they do today.

Ronelle started her board in 1998.

There really isn't anything new under the sun.

In fact, if people really want justice or the "truth" to come out in the LKC, well, these Boards are more than enough!

And they have been more than enough for almost 2 decades!

If you look at the posts of yesteryear...

    • Anne's flightKanne, Tue May 23 11:27
      I think I was the first to bring up the subject of the high altitude flight effects on baby Lindy way back on Michael's board. Probably because of my background in nursing. At the time it was... more
    • "THese Boards..."Richard, Tue Mar 14 13:44
      I'd like to take Sue's words and twist them around. WIth apologies to those students of the case who still think that the police took the time and effort to re-do the entire attic floor in order to... more
    • Re: Boards Are More Than Enoughsteve romeo, Mon Mar 13 10:15
      your so right
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