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Revenge Against Dwight Morrow
Mon Mar 13, 2017 19:58

Colonel Carlos W. Steinman says the Lindbergh kidnapping was done as revenge against Dwight Morrow with the hopes of ending persecutions in Mexico.

Background reading on Mexican history as it relates to Dwight Morrow is necessary.

The kidnapping is blamed on "one Mexican and one Mexican-Texan."

The men were arrested, and Steinman went to Phoenix, Arizona, to speak to them about their involvement in the crime.

Steinman's revelations were front page news in the Mexico City newspaper called Excelsior. I would imagine newspapers in January through April 1936 should reveal this.

Steinman only spoke up when he knew Hauptmann was headed to the electric chair. He contacted Norman Schwarkopf, but Schwarzkopf wanted the Mexican men to be let go.

The Autonomous Secret Religious Union was also involved.

Oklahoma governor Murray was contacted.

I found this in Migration Quicksand: Immigration Law and Immigration Advocates at the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez Crossing, 1933-1941.

The author is Marjorie Sanchez-Walker, and it was published in 1999.

She is a professor at Washington State University.

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