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Sue for Joe
1999 PBS Special
Tue Mar 14, 2017 15:52

A transcript of a 1999 PBS Special about the life of Lindbergh includes Reeve Lindbergh's comments on her father examining the teeth of his baby son at the morgue in 1932:

"I thought, "My God, how could you do this at such a time?" And then, I thought, immediately, no, that's exactly what he would do at such a time. He wouldn't be able to dissolve in grief or weep and wail or even talk about it, but he could examine carefully and clinically. And that really was his strength --some people felt his weakness-- but it was certainly the way he got through his life."

  • Re: Father of Porcelain DentistryJoe for Sue, Tue Mar 14 12:29
    Great post Sue, and I've shared your thoughts on Michael's board. "Many thanks to Sue Campbell for her valuable perspective on the subject of Lindbergh examining the teeth of the body in the morgue... more
    • 1999 PBS Special — Sue for Joe, Tue Mar 14 15:52
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