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Wayne Jones Before His Book Was Published
Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:59

Wayne Jones, who published Murder of Justice in 1997, was the main speaker at an annual banquet of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. I'm guessing the year was 1978. Well, it was before he published his tome on the Lindbergh case. The memory of that evening is recalled on page 8 in Pennsylvania Odd Fellow and Rebekah Magazine in October 2016. The article says that he hoped to have his book published in a year or two.

"Main speaker of the evening was Wayne D. Jones, Jr., advertising manager of The Evening Phoenix,
whose topic was “The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case”. Using news clippings and also photos, Jones called
it “the most famous kidnapping in the history of the United States”.
Jones recounted his trips to Flemington, NJ, where the famous trial was held in 1936, four years after
the tragedy. He told of the finding of the body of the baby, the tenseness that abounded in the area for
the four years between the kidnapping and the execution of Hauptmann.
He called the trial an unjust farce and one in which the convicted man had no chance of fair
treatment. He added that Hauptmann’s widow was still living and ever hopeful that her husband’s
name be cleared.
Jones said that the entire matter was a mockery, even tiny souvenir ladders being sold in Flemington.
He described the hysterical crowds that treated the serious matter at hand as a “three-ring circus”. The
speaker said he was still certain that Hauptmann was an innocent man. He will be publishing a book
on the case within the next year or two."

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