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James M. Fawcett
Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:57

Fawcett severely damaged Hauptmann's chances. Read the chapter "Extraditing Hauptmann" in the Dekle-Dedman book.

  • James Fawcett Sue, Sat Mar 18 12:10
    I bring up all this footage out of the University of South Carolina University again, to consider Hauptmann's first lawyer, James Fawcett. And here also is another dental connection to this case.... more
    • Aaron R. Lewis, Handwriting ExpertSue, Sun Mar 19 14:44
      Was the author of Cosmic Mission Fulfilled, related to the man, handwriting expert Aaron R. Lewis, standing beside James Fawcett in the film footage?... more
    • James M. Fawcett — Anonymous, Sun Mar 19 11:57
      • damagedAnonymous, Mon Mar 20 16:15
        "severely damaged Hauptmann's chances [at the NJ Trial]" But if Fawcett had yielded easily on the issue of Extradition and let him go without a fight, what would really have changed? Ten more minutes ... more
        • FawcettAnonymous, Tue Mar 21 14:10
          You should always put the odds in your favor. You look for the easier argument. A statement to the police in the pressurized environment of a police precinct is easier to attack than the atmosphere... more
      • Dekle-Dedman BookSue, Sun Mar 19 14:28
        I am interested in reading the Dekle-Dedman book. Maybe Steve Romeo will buy it, and then I'll borrow it from him. Thank you.
        • bookbob mills for sue, Sun Mar 19 18:33
          I'd like to borrow it after you, Sue....after Steve buys it, that is.
          • Re: bookSue for Bob, Sun Mar 19 18:54
            Steve can own it for the rest of his life after you and I are done reading it.
            • Re: booksteve for sue, Mon Mar 20 09:50
              you think I got millions
              • Re: bookSue for Steve, Mon Mar 20 12:43
                Not millions, but enough to buy the Dekle-Dedman book.
                • bookbob mills for sue and forum, Tue Mar 21 18:15
                  I agree that Steve should pay. He's a rich man, and the rest of us are simply poor wastrels in search of a historical truth.
                  • Re: bookSue for Bob, Tue Mar 21 20:43
                    Steve will get over it once he purchases the book. His cats will have to eat less for a few weeks.
                    • Re: booksteve for sue, Wed Mar 22 11:04
                      of course you know my main cat is named after violet sharp the cat is called sharpie
            • Re: bookJoe for Sue, Sun Mar 19 19:39
              .. but not until he loans it to me.
              • Re: bookSue for Joe, Sun Mar 19 20:20
                Then when your done return it to Steve with all the pages dog-eared.
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