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Sue for Joe
Re: Doc Ashton's Account
Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:45


When I get home tonight, I will look for my pristine copies of the Princeton Recollector, and post it.

  • Doc Ashton's AccountJoe for Sue, Mon Mar 20 12:30
    Hi Sue, do you remember sending me an account by Doc Ashton, who recalled seeing a speeding vehicle driving through Hopewell on the night of the kidnapping sometime around 9 pm? I've been looking for ... more
    • Doc Ashton in the Princeton RecollectorsSue for Joe, Mon Mar 20 20:58
      To begin with, "Doc" Ashton was a literary contributor (see page 2) for the Vol. II, No. 9 edition of the Princeton Recollector, Spring 1977. Doc Ashton was both a pictorial contributor AND a... more
    • Re: Doc Ashton's Account — Sue for Joe, Mon Mar 20 12:45
      • Re: Doc Ashton's AccountJoe for Sue, Mon Mar 20 21:21
        Thanks very much Sue, and I just realized I brushed over that page but it didn't jump out at me as I remembered it being a stand alone article. I'll get back to it this weekend. Yes, it would have... more
        • Charles BurtonSue for Joe, Tue Mar 21 20:37
          You're welcome, Joe. I'm glad that I got to look at them again. So, thank you, too! I especially like the photo of old Charles Burton who had the pictures of the inside of the Lindbergh house locked... more
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