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Sue for Joe
Doc Ashton in the Princeton Recollectors
Mon Mar 20, 2017 20:58

To begin with, "Doc" Ashton was a literary contributor (see page 2) for the Vol. II, No. 9 edition of the Princeton Recollector, Spring 1977.

Doc Ashton was both a pictorial contributor AND a documentary contributor (see page 2) in Vol. II, No. 10. of the Princeton Recollector, Spring 1977.

On page 14 is the article called "Merritt Reveals Hauptmann Visit After Forty-Five Years." On that page is a picture of what seems to be the railroad station and tracks in Hopewell. Underneath the picture is the caption:

"It was near the Hopewell station that 'Doc' Ashton saw a speeding car soon after the crime."

The story seems to be a reprint of the article from a November 1976 Trentonian newspaper where D. C. Merritt recounts what he and his father witnessed on the day of the kidnapping, March 1, 1932.

Maybe if you locate that November 1976 issue of the Trentonian you will find that it includes pictures, too?

Then on page 15 is the article "Henry Conover Watched Headlights of Kidnappers's Car."

(The Princeton Recollectors have lots of quotes, but you don't know who the quotes are attributed to.)

The article, "Druggist Sold Ether to Mystery Woman" appears on page 13, but no author is given.

The article seems to be continued on page 14.. The problem is that it's unclear when an article ends because I think the text goes back to anonymous quotes.

I wonder if the following quote on page 14, and into page 15, can be attributed to Doc Ashton?:

"I was in my brother-in-law's ice cream store on the corner of Greenwood and Railroad Place that night, and there was some of the other fellas in there playn' cards. When I started for home, I opened the door and I heard this car comin' down Greenwood Avenue at a terrific rte of speed, makin' an awful noise. When he come over the bridge (it ain't like it is now) there was a bump, an' that car looked to me like it went up off the ground three feet."

"It was either a Packard or an Overland - had a hood on like the old Packards back in the 'twenties had. It was a convertible. It went down to the corner and turned left down East Broad. I firmly believe that baby was in that car. This was about ten or fifteen after nine at night."

  • Doc Ashton's AccountJoe for Sue, Mon Mar 20 12:30
    Hi Sue, do you remember sending me an account by Doc Ashton, who recalled seeing a speeding vehicle driving through Hopewell on the night of the kidnapping sometime around 9 pm? I've been looking for ... more
    • Doc Ashton in the Princeton Recollectors — Sue for Joe, Mon Mar 20 20:58
    • Re: Doc Ashton's AccountSue for Joe, Mon Mar 20 12:45
      Sure. When I get home tonight, I will look for my pristine copies of the Princeton Recollector, and post it.
      • Re: Doc Ashton's AccountJoe for Sue, Mon Mar 20 21:21
        Thanks very much Sue, and I just realized I brushed over that page but it didn't jump out at me as I remembered it being a stand alone article. I'll get back to it this weekend. Yes, it would have... more
        • Charles BurtonSue for Joe, Tue Mar 21 20:37
          You're welcome, Joe. I'm glad that I got to look at them again. So, thank you, too! I especially like the photo of old Charles Burton who had the pictures of the inside of the Lindbergh house locked... more
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