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Sue for Bob
Re: book
Tue Mar 21, 2017 20:43

Steve will get over it once he purchases the book.

His cats will have to eat less for a few weeks.

  • bookbob mills for sue and forum, Tue Mar 21 18:15
    I agree that Steve should pay. He's a rich man, and the rest of us are simply poor wastrels in search of a historical truth.
    • Re: book — Sue for Bob, Tue Mar 21 20:43
      • Re: booksteve for sue, Wed Mar 22 11:04
        of course you know my main cat is named after violet sharp the cat is called sharpie
        • steve's cat housebob mills for steve and forum, Wed Mar 22 14:12
          Steve, that's a good name. But was the name "Bruno" already taken?
          • 15 and CountingSue, Wed Mar 22 18:15
            One cat was called Condon. He was a stray. I'm not sure of the names of the 15 other cats.
            • Re: 15 and Countingsteve for sue, Fri Mar 24 09:40
              I don't have 15 cats that's right a outdoor cat is named condon. didn't use Bruno yet
              • Re: 15 and CountingSue, Sat Mar 25 19:33
                No. That's not true, Steve. You have 15 or more cats. Unless you have found homes for some of them.
            • steve's cat housebob mills for sue and forum, Thu Mar 23 10:52
              Steve has 15 cats? And they're all named after LKC people? Hmmm. I can kind of guess at the others' names: The one that's been fixed...TRENCHARD The one that steals another's food...FISCH The one... more
              • Great Material!Sue for Bob, Fri Mar 24 07:28
                This is great material for a children' book, Bob! It's in the style of Dr. Seuss! There was a woman who wrote a children' s book on the case about 10 years ago -- prose. But I think yours would be... more
                • dr. seuss and the LKCbob mills for sue and forum, Sat Mar 25 13:15
                  Sue: Here's how Dr. Seuss might have written about the LKC (don't know if there's enough for a book): "A man went to a chair electric, now we use a dialectic That finds his fate was very wrong I do... more
                  • Work in ProgressSue for Bob, Sat Mar 25 19:20
                    This is extraordinary stuff! A work in progress on its way to getting published! Sometimes it takes years to find one's true calling! I am very impressed! I bought The Lorax by Dr. Seuss several... more
                • Re: Great Material!Joe, Fri Mar 24 19:05
                  Bob penned a great LKC take-off of Clement Clark Moore's The Night Before Christmas (A Visit From St. Nicholas) many years ago on this site. I hope he'll consider posting it again this Christmas. You ... more
                  • Re: Great Material!Sue for Joe, Sat Mar 25 19:25
                    Maybe that Christmas writing was from Dave Sims or John O?
                  • more seussBob Mills for Joe, Sue, and forum, Sat Mar 25 16:10
                    Thanks, Joe. I have no memory whatsoever of that Christmas parody. I tend to write stuff and then forget it. I do have 12 published non-fiction books to my credit. But doing silly stuff takes less... more
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