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Richard Sloan
Tour question
Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:41

I have enough room in my car for Sam, Nancy, and Ronelle. However, I don't have room for Steve and Sue. Bronxites Tom Vasti and Tom Casey, and New Jerseyite John Howard signed up weeks ago. (All three are veterans of the tour, which is a pre-requisite). Hopefully, at least one of these gents will keep their commitment. I'll try to reach all three of them by tomorrow and find out. Ronelle and Sam have already bought their plane tickets, so we must do everything we can to make this work.

  • Re: Two BEAUTIFUL soulssteve for sam, Mon Mar 27 09:37
    great picture sam did you wake me? looking forward to seeing everybody
    • Tour question — Richard Sloan, Tue Mar 28 11:41
      • Then Why Did This Exchange Happen?Sue, Tue Mar 28 20:33;article=51361;title=The%20Lindbergh%20Kidnapping%20Hoax%20Forum
        • Reunion tour updateRichard Sloan, Wed Mar 29 18:18
          Just wanted to post that at the moment there are no remaining seats for the May 6th Bronx Lindbergh kidnapping reunion tour. However, if anyone else -- besides those already signed up -- wishes to... more
        • good tour newsRichard, Tue Mar 28 21:54
          John Howard is definite about the reunion tour and will have room for and will be more than happy take 3 (or maybe it was 4) in his car. No response yet from Tom V or Tom C.
        • Re: Then Why Did This Exchange Happen?Sue, Tue Mar 28 20:34
      • Re: Tour questionSue, Tue Mar 28 20:20;article=51361;title=The%20Lindbergh%20Kidnapping%20Hoax%20Forum
        • Tour response for SueRichard, Tue Mar 28 20:44
          All of a sudden the posts I am being notified about are not appearing, and some sort of cgi?disc+= is appearing. Call me, Sue! Steve has my number.
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