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Grace Robinson papers
Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:50

I got a kick out of scanning thoise issues of the NY Daily News, Sue! I don't think I ever went to a library that has the paper on microfilm and looked at it. I came across the following in looking at those papers that interested me: --
1. a photo of the Rausch house with a sign on the lower roof reading "Apartment to let"!(unfortunately, the date of the issue is not shown)
2. A 4-panel comic strip speculating how the ladder collapsed as the baby was being carried down.
3. An early edition of the front page reading "BABY DEAD" on the entire page.
4. An aerial photo of "Highfields" in which a newsreel cameraman can be seen perched with his tripod taking film of the house. (It seems to me that he's on Featherbed Lane.)The same page shows a photo of the house with a cut out showing an artist's rendition of the inside of the baby's room.
5. A four-panel comic strip depicting the baby being put to bed and then being kidnapped.
6. AN interesting article,(1-11-36)"COndon Fleas to Sea."
7. 1-16-36, p. 28 -- A photo I don't recall seeing of Hochmuth pointing.
8. an article (1-20-36, p.33) on Wilentz and COndon possibly meeting in Florida to confer.
9. A nice headshot of Violet Sharp (1-31-36, p. 6?)
10. A nice headshot I never saw before of a very handsome and dapper Hauptmann, 2-26-36, p.2.

  • Grace Robinson Papers PostSue, Tue Mar 28 20:50
    • Robert ConwaySue, Wed Mar 29 12:37
      Robert Conway was Grace Robinson's husband. He also was a journalist that covered the Hauptmann case.
    • Grace Robinson papers — Richard , Wed Mar 29 10:50
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