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tour for Sue
Sat Apr 1, 2017 10:15

Hi, Sue. I look forward to seeing you and Steve on May 6th. I had told Steve he won't have to drive all over the Bronx; that I would take you both up there in my car. Anything else you may have heard was a misunderstanding or a miscommunication.

  • It's no wonder people knew so much about what was going on at the Hopewell House! There were photographs, pictures of the house under construction, and more. The public was well-informed about the... more
    • tour for Sue — Richard, Sat Apr 1 10:15
      • Re: tour for Suesteve for sue, Mon Apr 3 10:07
        great find sue, I firmly believe Hauptman was in Hopewell prior to the kidnapping
        • G. R. Murray, Princeton RealtorSue for Steve, Mon Apr 3 13:11
          G. R. Murray was the realtor in Princeton who was working with the Lindberghs to buy land in 1930. The Princeton Recollector mentions him, and Princeton Alumni Weekly from that time has many... more
      • Re: tour for SueSue for Richard, Sat Apr 1 10:45
        No problem, Richie. I look forward to seeing you and the gang! Thanks for taking us!
        • da tourRIchard, Tue Apr 4 09:50
          My pleasure, so; it's been too long since I've seen you. Hope we have good weather. Still waiting for Vasti to recommend a good restaurant. But since we're only 7 to 9* people, maybe the diner on... more
    • Great information as always, Sue! With the level of publicity this house would have had leading up to the Lindberghs moving in, it's not difficult to see how the right kind of information could have... more
      • Getting InformationSue for Joe, Sat Apr 1 11:17
        The Princeton Recollectors reveal that people were stealing building supplies left and right from the Hopewell construction site! Someone took the boiler thermostat. A woman stole a piece of old... more
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